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The goal of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the School of Engineering at the Hellenic Mediterranean University is to produce high-level engineers covering the subject of Mechanical Engineering in its entirety. The department offers a 5-year (integrated masters) program with courses necessary for the students’ scientific and engineering development as well as specialization courses.



Our department has laboratories which take part in national and international research projects and publish articles in well-known scientific journals.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering of HMU aims at the training of Mechanical Engineers capable of combining high theoretical training with the possibility of application in the demanding reality. The curriculum incorporates the most innovative scientific approaches and focuses on the following directions:




Robotics - Mechatronics

We use RoboDK for simulation and offline programming of industrial robots.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering produces a very high level of research through the institutionalized research laboratories with scientific objects related to the curriculum.

Κύκλοι Σπουδών

Our Study Programs

Undergraduate Studies

Duration: 5 years (MEng)

The study program of the Department covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of Mechanical Engineering. The curriculum is structured as follows: six core semesters of education in Engineering, followed by four semesters of specialized training. This specialized training is provided through three Majors: Energy, Construction, and Robotics – Mechatronics.

Master’s Degree Programs

Duration: 1-2 years (MSc)

The Department of Mechanical Engineering of the School of Engineering (Hellenic Mediterranean University) co-offers two interdepartmental Master’s Degree programs which meet all current scientific and technological requirements. These Programs are the following: Master’s in “Energy Systems” and Master’s in “Advanced Systems of Production, Automation, and Robotics”.

Ph.D. Programs

Minimum Duration: 3 years (PhD)

The Ph.D. Programs of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Hellenic Mediterranean University aim at promoting original scientific research, and lead to the acquisition of a Ph.D. Degree.

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